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Welcome to the Yard

The-Yard-Collective is a club dedicated to Street Photography. Everyone who is interested and wants to learn more about this genre is welcome to join!

1. What is STREET photography

Send us your very best!

Submission Guidelines
(a) Images submitted to the group are accepted after the administrators vote on them.

(b) Everyone can submit up to 2 images per week, except from the crew of the group who can submit up to 1 image only.

(c) You may ask for a critique if your image is not accepted on the group and if time permits, you will get one.

(d) All images should be submitted to the "Street Photography" gallery.

(e) Only admins can submit street photos that caught their attention to the "The Crew's collection" gallery.
Events, parades, gatherings, fairs, are great opportunities for street photographers, especially for the beginners and for the shy or timorous streettogs.
Why? Because at public events almost everybody is taking photographs. You can easily go unnoticed, feel less conspicuous, and get right in close. 
Where there is a crowd, there are happenings, hence a good potential for worthwhile photos.
Events can provide unusual scenarios, characters, behaviors, happenings. 

Though, let's remember that shooting street is different from documenting an event.
The aim of the street photographer is to find his own event within the big event. The street photographer captures the moment, rather than the bigger picture; the people, rather than the event, and the every day situations inside a special occasion. 

Here are a few tips and examples:

Look at the spectators, look at the audience. People can get quite creative (or sneaky) in order to watch an event!
Splits by Treamus

No Viewing by Elizamac

Shoot before and after the event. The edges may be much more interesting. Look out for backstories!

Waiting for the Parade by Elizamac

Social Climbing by Elizamac

A helping hand by sandas04

Divorce by DougNZ

Avoid directly photographing people in silly costumes: the better shots are usually when they are removed from the context, when they are doing something ordinary or when they are the only detail 'out of place', incongruous, absurd, unexpected, in an otherwise trivial scene. Avoid too much context! 

Tight by cedrus

When Teletubbies Go Bad by DougNZ

These are a few photos of mine: this Jesus using a chemical bath was taken at Lucca's Comic-Con. The place was packed with cosplayers. To capture 'the unusual in the usual' I purposefully chose an ordinary and uninteresting background and waited for a bizarre character entering my frame. Jesus' thoughtful expression makes the scene more amusing.

Quo Vadis? by myraincheck

This Zombie picnic instead happened before a Zombie-Walk...They actually are cosplayers putting their make up on. The scene kind of reminded me of Monet's 'Déjeuner sur l'herbe'. The zombies give a twist to a classic scene.

Horror Picnic by myraincheck

At Bologna's Gay Pride: this was taken right in the middle of the parade. The close framing takes the scene out of its context, making the hairy leg a more surprising, unpredictable, detail.
Legs by myraincheck

Photographs are sometimes only as good as your imagination!

David-Gibson BLOG by myraincheck
photo by David Gibson

rIMG 2296 cardiff after dark man in dress by myraincheck
photo by Maciej Dakowicz

07 by myraincheck
photo by Maciej Dakowicz

Some ground-to-ground tips:
I am always reluctant to give technical advice because my choices are essentially habits - what I feel comfortable with - and many photographers would give far more consideration to aperture and depth of field than I do. 
Anyways. At events you have to expect crowds, hence busy frames, things happening fast and little time to react.
You'd better have your camera on the ready. I usually put my camera on 'P' (for 'Professional' of course :P ) with high ISO to get a good shutter speed; or I go for the shutter speed priority mode, set at 1/250 or 1/500 of a second to freeze the moment.
Personally I am not fond of busy frames so I usually go to events well in advance when there still are not too many people. Or I stay out late.
But if you like crowded frames and close ups of people, events provide the perfect occasion for that. A short focal length, or a fixed lens, might be the best choices for this kind of photographs. 
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