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Yard Case File: Subway Scene

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 11:54 PM
A journal by niklin1.

Date: 7-nov-2013
Place: Manhattan
Exif: Nikon D800, Tamron 24-70/2.8 VC at 24 mm, 1/60, f2.8 and ISO 5000 (auto)
Editing in Lightroom.

We had been on the road for three weeks. We had just done an overnight flight from Rio, gone through customs and taken trains from JFK to Penn Station.
After an American diner breakfast, me and my buddy Hans decided to take the subway down to Chinatown. We had about 4 hours before we had to be back at Penn for the trip back to JFK for another overnighter to Sweden. So. No time to lose, might as well start shooting on the subway ride!

The shot this Case File is about was taken on the second train, a couple of minutes after we boarded it.
Here come the 5 unedited shots I have from that spot:

 8000605 Fs by niklin1    8000606 Fs by niklin1    8000607 Fs by niklin1

 8000608 Fs by niklin1    8000609 Fs by niklin1

Obviously, the first shot is from when I had just got in and not found a seat yet. After about three minutes, I was sitting down and I shot nr 2 and 3 with about 8 seconds in between. After 30 seconds, I decided to try and focus on the main subjects, the dad and boy, and did that in nr 4 and 5 with 7 seconds in between. As you can see, by then they are turning around, done with peering out the window.

OK, I thought this was a pretty nice little series. Tucked away in memory as something to look forward to publishing.
Editing came later.  With all the shots from this and other trips, it wasn't until January 19th this year I got it done.

First is first: Which of them to choose? Well, I kinda liked them all, but went with nr 3.

But already on import I used (as I always do) my custom made preset for my Nikon D800 at ISO 6400.
Some Noise reduction and Sharpening. +34 Clarity and +24 Vibrance.

Korrigeringar vid import by niklin1        8000607 Fs-2 by niklin1

It's too white, so I adjust Highlights to -35

 8000607 Fs-3 by niklin1

Convert to b&w and I like it, so I keep it!

 8000607 Fs-4 by niklin1

There's a lot of white lights at the top. So now it's time for cropping, keeping the original 2x3 proportions:

Cropping by niklin1

I'm a sucker for vignettes, so here's -32 Highlight Priority Post-Crop Vignetting

 8000607 Fs-5 by niklin1

After adding the vignette, there is room for added contrast by adjusting the white point. +37 on Whites.

 8000607 Fs-6 by niklin1

Good overall, but the middle guy is a bit light. So, a little bit of Exposure and Highlights down.

Korrigering man 1 by niklin1

It needs some more, but now over the entire guy.

Korrigering man by niklin1

With b&w, I tend to go a bit over the top with the Clarity slider. I upped it to +75.

 8000607 Fs-7 by niklin1

Now, the woman on the left has gotten a bit dark in the face. Local adjustment again. When I brighten a spot, I normally add some Clarity, so it won't look washed out.

Korrigering kvinna by niklin1

That's it folks, aaaaand Export! Finished result below, published on dA.

Subway Scene by niklin1

After editing this one, I realized I liked the other shots too. I did some more editing and did a blog with shots 1, 3 and 5, together with a shot from the previous subway car.

You can find it HERE.

Thanks and applauds to everybody who made it this far!  :-)

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